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Homily Recordings

We are introducing a new feature that makes the Sunday homily available as an audio file.  The homilies will be listed in descending order by date, with the latest homily being at the top.  The homilists are noted.  Homilies from visiting priests will only be posted with their permission.

bulletHomilies in 2018
bulletHomilies in 2017



12/09/2018 Fr. William M. Rodrigues Advent Week 2: "Season of Joy"
12/02/2018 Fr. William M. Rodrigues Children's Service: Advent
12/02/2018 Fr. William M. Rodrigues Advent Week 1:"Season of Hope"
11/25/2018 Fr. William M. Rodrigues "Christ our King"
11/18/2018 Fr. William M. Rodrigues "God is in complete control"
11/11/2018 Fr. William M. Rodrigues "Widow's Mite"
11/04/2018 Fr. William M. Rodrigues family mass "Bright Lights"
11/04/2018 Fr. William M. Rodrigues "True Love"
10/28/2018 Fr. William M. Rodrigues "Jesus is calling you"
10/21/2018 Fr. William M. Rodrigues "In God's Way"
10/14/2018 Fr. William M. Rodrigues "Change"
10/07/2018 Fr. William M. Rodrigues "Marriage"
9/30/2018 Fr. William M. Rodrigues "Open your heart to God's grace"
9/23/2018 Fr. William M. Rodrigues "To grow in wisdom and to love better"
09/15/2018 Fr. William M. Rodrigues "Who am I?"
09/09/2018 Fr. William M. Rodrigues "God's Embracing Love"
09/02/2018 Fr. William M. Rodrigues Rules and Regulations
08/26/2018 Fr. William M. Rodrigues A message of HOPE
08/19/2018 Fr. William M. Rodrigues "The Bread of Life"
08/05/2018 Fr. William M. Rodrigues "The Bread of Life"
07/29/2018 Fr. William M. Rodrigues "The Miracle of Sharing"
07/22/2018 Fr. William M. Rodrigues  
07/15/2018 Fr. William M. Rodrigues "Called / Chosen / Sent"
07/08/2018 (no recording)  
07/01/2018 Fr. William M Rodrigues  
06/24/2018  Fr. John Kelleher "HE must increase, while I must decrease"
06/17/2018  Fr. Brian Harrington "Family"
06/10/2018  Deacon Norm McEnaney  
06/03/2018  Fr. John Kelleher  
05/27/2018  Fr. John Kelleher "The Trinity"
05/20/2018  Fr. John Kelleher "Power and Life"
05/13/2018  Fr. John Kelleher  
05/06/2018  Fr. John Kelleher  
04/29/2018  Fr. John Kelleher  
04/22/2018  (no recording)  
04/15/2018  Fr. John Kelleher  
04/08/2018 Fr. Tom Lopes  
04/01/2018 (no recording)  
03/25/2018 Fr. John Kelleher  
03/18/2018 Fr. John Kelleher  
03/11 /2018 Fr. John Kelleher "John 3:16"
03/04/2018 Fr. John Kelleher  
02/25/2018 Rev. Melvin A Shorter  
02/18 /2018 Fr. John Kelleher "Temptation"
02/11 /2018 Fr. John Kelleher  
02/04/2018 Fr. John Kelleher "Pain and Suffering"
01/28/2018 Fr. Tom Lopes  
01/21/2018 Fr. John Kelleher  
01/14/2018 Fr. John Kelleher  
01/06/2018 Fr. John Kelleher  


12/31/2017 Fr. John Kelleher  
12/25/2017 Fr. John Kelleher  
12/24/2017 Fr. John Kelleher  
12/17/2017 Fr. John Kelleher  
12/10/2017 Fr. John Kelleher  
12/03/2017 Fr. John Kelleher  
11/19/2017 (no recording)  
11/19/2017 Fr. John Kelleher  
11/12/2017 (no recording)  
11/05/2017 Fr. John Kelleher  
10/29/2017 Fr. John Kelleher  
10/22/2017 (no recording)  
10/15/2017 Fr. John Kelleher  
10/08/2017 Fr. John Kelleher  
10/01/2017 Fr. John Kelleher  
09/24/2017 Fr. John Kelleher  
09/17/2017 Fr. John Kelleher  
09/10/2017 Fr. John Kelleher  
09/03/2017 Fr. John Kelleher  
08/20/2017 Fr. John Kelleher  
08/13/2017 Fr. John Kelleher   




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