Apostolate Volunteer Opportunities

The list is long and the opportunities for involvement are many.  The parish is strong if the parishioners are active in support of the parish.  If you have interest in any of these programs, please use the contact information noted in the Apostolate information below. The telephone numbers and/or email addresses are hyperlink i.e. press on email address to launch email program or press on telephone number to initiate a call when using a smart phone.



Adult Altar Servers 

The men and women in this apostolate assist the celebrant as altar servers at funeral Masses.


Leader: Deacon Skip Koch Tel.: 508-240-0624
Email: adultaltarservers@joanarc.org

Meetings: As needed.

ACTIVITIES INCLUDE:  Serve at Funeral Masses

Funeral Planning


Funeral Planning Apostolates work with the family of the deceased to plan the funeral liturgy and to be present for the family at the funeral.

Web Page

Leader: Nancy McEnaney  Tel.: 508-362-3022


Leader: Barbara Strakele Tel.: 508-255-4331


Meetings: As needed.

ACTIVITIES INCLUDE:  Workshop Training Program; Memorial Mass in November to remember all parish deceased from the past year.

Bereavement Support


The Bereavement Support Group provides personal support to individuals throughout the grieving process. The apostolate also hosts monthly group meetings which provide a forum for discussion and an exchange of pertinent information. The focus of these approaches is to help the bereaved adapt to their new life.

 Web Page

Leader:   Tel.:  

Meetings: TBA

ACTIVITIES INCLUDE:  Personal Support by periodic contact with individuals throughout the grieving process. Conducting monthly meetings, which are informal presentations and roundtable discussions dealing with the various aspects of grieving and the new role bereaved must assume

 9-Week NEW DAY Bereavement Program

A program designed to give the newly bereaved time to work through the natural process of grieving in an atmosphere of care & understanding.


Leader: Susan Mahoney   Tel.: 508-240-1119
Email: 9weeknewday@joanarc.org

Meetings: - Late summer - One afternoon workshop prior to nine-week program. - Early fall - Annual nine-week program held with weekly two-hour afternoon sessions.

ACTIVITIES INCLUDE:  1) Contacting newly bereaved in the parish. 2) Workshop training program. 3) Trained volunteer facilitators conduct support sessions offering a structured approach to dealing with the loss of a loved one.


To select and present music to praise God and enhance our liturgical celebrations, uniting the community in one voice through the singing of psalms and hymns

 Web Page

Leader: Art McManus    Tel.: 508-255-5940
Email: music@joanarc.org

Meetings: Rehearsal - one-half hour before Sunday Mass.

ACTIVITIES INCLUDE:  Same as mission

Computer/Sound System

Oversees, repairs and maintains the Rectory and Religious Ed. computers and church sound system.


Leader: Henry Lind Tel.: 508-237-0700
Email: computersound@joanarc.org

Meetings: As needed




Deacons assist the pastor at Mass; celebrate Communion Services in the church and local nursing homes and provide pastoral outreach in many ways.



Norm McEnaney

Philip "Skip" Koch







Meetings: As needed

ACTIVITIES INCLUDE:  Same as mission

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

Assist with distributing the Eucharist at liturgies and to the homebound/nursing homes.


Leader: Deacon Skip Koch Tel.: 508-240-0624
Email: eucharisticministers@joanarc.org

Meetings: None


Faith Formation


Our mission is to provide faith-based education for families and children, Kindergarten through Grade 10.  We also provide ongoing spiritual and Christ-centered resources for adults.

 Web Page

Leader: Julie MacAller Hickey Tel.: 508-255-1257
Email: faithformation@joanarc.org

Meetings: As needed.

ACTIVITIES INCLUDE: *Religious Education: Classes for Kindergarten through Grade 10 including Sacramental Prep - Reconciliation, Eucharist, and Confirmation.  *Youth Ministry: Teen Nites; Student Mentoring; Summer Bible Camp; Outreach Service Projects; Altar Serving.  *Adult Education: Seasonal Programs (Retreats, Speakers, etc.); RCIA

Floral Guild

Plans and maintains floral decorations for our liturgical celebrations.


Leader: Karen McGorry Tel.:  
Email: floralguild@joanarc.org

Meetings: As needed


Habitat for Humanity

Parishioners help construction of local Habitat homes.


Leader: Bob Filliman  Tel.: 508-255-5385
Email: habitatforhumanity@joanarc.org

Meetings: As needed


Kenya Konnection

Shepherds the relationship between St. Joan of Arc and our sister parish, Holy Cross in Dandora, Kenya. We provide our parishioners with opportunities for spiritual enrichment through action, education, and fundraising in support of our sister parish.

 Web Page

Leader: Barbara Smith  Tel.: 508-255-9692
Email: kenyakonnection@joanarc.org

Meetings: As needed.

ACTIVITIES INCLUDE: Planning and coordinating Kenya collection in July. Skype meeting with the parish and Brother Andre Medical Center staff periodically. E-mails with the staff about children receiving financial educational support. Planning and monitoring budget. Understanding the spiritual and financial needs of Holy Cross parish and learning how St. Joan of Arc parish can grow spiritually through the example of our sister parish.

Knights of Columbus


A Catholic men’s order with charity, unity, fraternity, and patriotism as our guiding principles. We engage in charitable works in service to our Church, its members, our community, and our country.  We strongly support the priesthood and, as Mary’s Knights, are firmly committed to the protection of human life, the defense of the family, and giving aid to those in need.

 Web Page

Leader: Al Alfano Tel.: 508-255-4448
Email: knightsofcolumbus@joanarc.org

Meetings: 2nd Wednesday in the Parish Hall at 7:00 pm.

ACTIVITIES INCLUDE:  Financial support for seminarians.  Respect Life programs and activities.  Sponsors of devotions to Mary.  Blood drives. Young and adolescent youth programs.  Aid and assistance to children, the mentally and physically handicapped, our veterans, and adolescents in corrections facilities.  Fundraisers like pancake breakfasts, tootsie roll solicitations, yard sales, and raffles.


Proclaim scripture at weekend and daily Mass.


Leader: Deacon Skip Koch Tel.: 508-240-0624
Email: lectors@joanarc.org

Meetings: As needed



Provides a luncheon to-go at noon on Tuesday in our Parish Hall


Leader: Jo-ann Dora Tel.: 302-545-8210
Email: LOCAL@joanarc.org

Meetings: Volunteer opportunities include food preparation, serving, and clean-up.

Prayer Shawl

This apostolate creates shawls as a gift of prayer from the parish to the newly baptized, the ill, the bereaved, RCIA candidates, First Communion and Confirmation candidates, those facing hardships, as well as those celebrating special occasions in their lives.  All are welcome to join in knitting or crocheting these shawls of comfort and solace.


Leader: Carmella Alfano Tel.: 508-255-4448
Email: prayershawl@joanarc.org

Meetings: Meets monthly, or as announced in the church bulletin; held in the Parish Hall on Wednesdays at 1:00 pm.

ACTIVITIES INCLUDE:  Same as mission.


This apostolate is committed to promoting the Church’s teachings on the sanctity of life from conception to natural death.


Leader: Lisa Scapellati Tel.: 508-255-0170
Email: righttolife@joanarc.org

Meetings: as announced in bulletin

ACTIVITIES INCLUDE:  Angel House (HAC) – Home for mothers recovering from addiction and their children. Thomas More Society – Defense attorneys for Pro-Life causes. Massachusetts Citizens for Life – Lobbying group. Baby Bottle Drive to support two Pregnancy Health Centers; Abundant Hope and KNow Your Options (formerly A Women’s Concern). Support families with unplanned pregnancies. End-of-life support. Organize prayer services such as Rosary for Life. Work on pro-life projects in conjunction with the Knights of Columbus and other Catholic churches on the Cape. Bake-sales on Labor Day and Memorial Day weekends to support the Annual sponsorship of youth in the Diocesan Pro-Life Summer Boot Camp and the March for Life in Washington, D.C.

Social Justice

To promote, learn, educate, advocate, serve and enhance social justice according to Catholic Social Teachings in our parish and community.  

 Web Page

Leader: Jane MacAfee Tel.: 508-432-9480
Email: socialjustice@joanarc.org

Meetings: 2nd Thursday of each month at 9:00 am in the Parish Center

ACTIVITIES INCLUDE:  Fair Trade Sales, Sunday Movies on Social Justice topics, Periodic Prayer Services - for peace, for the victimization of women, for care for creation, etc., Various activities to raise awareness of racism, and for the participation in the interfaith Holocaust Memorial Service, participation in the interfaith Martin Luther King Action Committee, participation in the interfaith Youth Outreach Hospitality program, and participation in the interfaith Refugee Support Team.

St. Vincent de Paul

SVdP provides person-to-person emergency assistance to those in need with necessities such as food, medicine, rent, and shelter.

 Web Page

Leader:  Al Alfano Tel.:  508-255-4448
Email: StVincentdePaul@joanarc.org

Meetings:  2nd Friday of the month, except February, March, and August, following the 8:00 am Mass in the Parish Hall, Room 1.

ACTIVITIES INCLUDE:   Emergency assistance for those in need; food programs, St. Joseph's Shelter, soup kitchen in Provincetown (“SKIP”), Lower Cape Lunch (“LOCAL”), Christmas Giving Tree, Twinning (Columbia and Attleboro), Housing with Love Walk, support for: Recovery at Canal House, Habitat for Humanity, CapeAbilities, Cape Cod Children’s Place, A Woman’s Concern, Together We Can, and the Homeless Prevention Council.

SJA Guild

Our purpose is to provide an opportunity for the women of SJA to come together as a community to work for the betterment of the parish and to enrich our spiritual journey through friendship and prayer.

 Web Page

Leader: Barbara Smith Tel.: 508-255-9692
Email: sjaguild@joanarc.org

Meetings: TBA

ACTIVITIES INCLUDE: Christmas luncheon; presentations with guest speakers; Lenten program; Tea and Fashion Show; Friendship Socials; Mass for deceased members and Thrift Shop volunteers  

Thrift Shop

The Thrift Shop has a volunteer staff of approximately 100 men and women. The revenue generated provides significant financial support to the parish and other charities (see activities below).

 Web Page

Leader: Ellen Covell Tel.: 508-255-4476
Email: thriftshop@joanarc.org
Leader: Sandi Sarver Tel.:  508-255-4476
Email: thriftshop@joanarc.org
Leader: Karen Knight Tel: 508-255-4476
Email: thriftshop@joanarc.org    

Meetings: For the schedule see Activities below.

ACTIVITIES INCLUDE:  There are two three-hour shifts per day, Mon., Wed., Thurs. & Friday from 10 AM to 1 PM and 1 PM to 4 PM. The revenue generated provides significant financial support to the parish, scholarships to our parishioners graduating from high school seeking further education, weekly donations to various organizations such as the Salvation Army, clothing donations to Katy's Corner (Lower Cape Outreach), the Baby Center in Hyannis, Canal House in Orleans and donations of clothing and housewares to persons in need.


Responsible for assisting parishioners with seating, taking up the collections, presenting the gifts, plus various administrative and housekeeping duties.


Leader: Martin Culik Tel.: 774-207-0911
Email: mnculik@gmail.com

Meetings: None