Grief is a normal and natural reaction to the death of a loved one. Still, few of us are prepared for a journey that is at times devastating, frightening and lonely. After severe loss, it is important to give oneself time to work through the natural process of grieving. In order to move beyond our grief, however, we need to take an active role. Then, through prayer and the support of caring individuals, somewhere along this journey, the pain of our loss will turn into healing.

Recognizing that a bereavement program may be helpful at this most difficult time, the St. Joan of Arc Bereavement Ministry offers two separate programs to provide support.



THE BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT GROUP provides personal support to individuals throughout the grieving process. The ministry also hosts year round, monthly group meetings, which provide a forum for discussion and an exchange of pertinent information. At these meetings informal presentations and roundtable discussions are used to deal with the various aspects of grieving and the new role the bereaved must assume.

The focus of these approaches is to help the bereaved adapt to their new life.

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THE NEW DAY BEREAVEMENT PROGRAM addresses the recently bereaved who are experiencing the early stages of grief but is also suitable for those who have been unable to benefit from this type of program in the past. NEW DAY is designed to give participants time to work through the natural process of grieving in a small group atmosphere of care and understanding.

The program, which meets once a week for NINE weeks in the spring or fall, is not a therapy session. It is an opportunity to journey from grief to healing with others who have also experienced loss. Weekly sessions follow a text, THE NEW DAY JOURNAL, which has been given a special award of merit by the National Catholic Family Life Ministers. The sessions focus on working through the four tasks of grief and include such topics as Adjusting to Loss, Creating Cherishable Memories, and the Spiritual Journey of Grief.  Trained facilitators who have experienced a significant loss in their own lives provide leadership and guidance.

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