Social Justice

The Mission Statement of the St. Joan of Arc Social Justice Ministry: The purpose of the Saint Joan of Arc Social Justice Ministry is to enhance social justice within our parish and the wider community. We seek to accomplish this by promoting awareness that Catholic Social Teaching, which is grounded in Holy Scripture and the official teaching of the Catholic Church, is integrally linked with respect for all people and for all of God's creation.

We endeavor to serve first, increasing our own knowledge of the Church's teaching on social justice, and then, by sharing with others what we have learned about recognizing the rights and dignity of all people and about helping to meet their needs, bith spiritual and physical, of thiose around us.

If you have any questions or comments, please email socialjustice@joanarc.org 

Please check the Church bulletin for update on meeting time and place.  We offer prayer services, study groups, movies, etc.

For more information on Social Justice issues and on how you can get involved, please see our Take Action page. Join us!

Social Justice Calendar

In addition to events such as periodic Fair Trade sales as well as movies and discussions with Social Justice themes, we also join with other faith communities on issues of refugee support, youth outreach, racial justice, etc. All are welcome to come and meet the Committe and participate in any of our activities.  Thank you! 

Committee Members

Francis Filipowski, Chairperson - mayorfrank@hotmail.com

Jane MacAfee, Past Chairperson - janecape09@comcast.net