CORI Information

It's time to renew/update your CORI Information



Dear Parish Volunteer,

It is time to re-submit your annual volunteer CORI documents. Please complete the process as follows:

Step 1:
Read CORI Instructional Letter for directions on how to complete the attachments.

Step 2:
Print CORI Acknowledgement Form and complete as directed in the CORI Instructional Letter

Step 3:
Call the Parish Office at 508-255-0170 to see if an updated Code of Conduct is required.  If so, print the document and complete the applicable sections as noted in the CORI Instructional Letter.

Step 4:
Mail the following completed documents: 

    1. CORI Acknowledgement Form
    2. Only if required, the two page signed Code of Conduct
    3. Copy of your photo ID

           St. Joan of Arc - CORI
           61 Canal Road
           Orleans, MA 02653

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Parish Office at 508-255-0170.
Thank you for your time and attention regarding this renewal process.

Nancy Rouillard
Parish Office Assistant
St. Joan of Arc

Diocese of Fall River Office of Safe Environment

Bishop Edgar da Cunha has established a diocesan administrative branch: the Office of Safe Environment (OSE). The purpose of this office is to maintain the policies and procedures of the USCCB Charter. The intention of the Bishop is the continued education and safety of the parishioners - especially our young people.

The St. Joan of Arc Parish Office is responsible in processing the necessary CORI documents and to facilitate the online training for employees and volunteers. Once these documents are completed, the Office of Safe Environment continues to conduct the final CORI background check of the individual.