Homily Recordings

Sunday homilies available as an audio file.  They are listed in descending order by date, with the latest homily being at the top.  The homilists are noted.  Homilies from visiting priests will only be posted with their permission.


01-29-23 Fr. Steve Booth "Living to our Full Potential"
01-22-23 Deacon Norm McEnaney "GPS (God's Public Service)"
01-15-23 Fr. Steve Booth "Behold the Lamb of God"
01-08-23 Fr. Steve Booth "Example of the Magi"
01-01-23 Fr. Steve Booth "Mary Mother of God"





12-24-22 Fr. Steve Booth "You're not alone"
12-18-22 Deacon Norm McEnaney "Pray to Mary"
12-11-22 Fr. Steve Booth "Rejoice, Christ is Close"
12-04-22 Fr. Steve Booth "John the Baptist Within Us"
11-27-22 Fr. Steve Booth "A.C.T.S."
11-20-22 Fr. Steve Booth "Christ Is King"
11-13-22 Deacon Norm McEnaney "The Day of the Lord"
11-06-22 Fr. Steve Booth "The Soul"
10-30-22 Fr. Steve Booth "The Tax Collector"
10-16-22 Fr. Steve Booth "Perseverance"
10-09-22 Fr. Steve Booth "Praying the Rosary"
10-02-22 Deacon Norm McEnaney "Treasuring the Gift of Faith"
09-25-22 Fr. Steve Booth "Because of you, I know who God is"
09-18-22 Fr. Steve Booth "Living in Reality"
09-11-22 Fr. Steve Booth "Encouraging Holiness"
09-03-22 Fr. Steve Booth "Put God First"
08-28-22 Fr. Steve Booth "Grace to Grow"
08-21-22 Fr. Steven Booth "Being Recognizable"
08-14-22 Deacon Norm McEnaney "Where is your Fire?"
08-07-22 Fr. Steve Booth "A Glympse of what is in store"
07-31-22 Fr. Steven Booth "Jesus is Good, but ..."
07-24-22 Fr. Marcel Bouchard "We Dare to Say"
07-17-22 Fr. Marcel Bouchard "Be Still - Talk and Listen to the Lord"
07-10-22 Fr. Steven Booth "The Mind of Christ"
07-03-22 Fr. Steven Booth "Freedom"
06-26-22 Fr. Mick McCulough "The Cost of Discipleship"
06-19-22 Fr. Mick McCulough "The Fiest of Corpus Christi"
06-12-22 Fr. Mick McCulough "The Devine Trinity"
06-05-22 Fr. Mick McCulough "The Feast of Pentecost"
05-29-22 Fr. Mick McCulough "Come Lord Jesus"
05-22-22 Deacon Norm McEnaney "25 Years as a Deacon"
05-15-22 Fr. Mick McCulough "God is Love"
05-08-22 Fr. Mick McCulough "Good Shepherd"
05-01-22 Fr. Mick McCulough "Transitions"
04-24-22 Fr. Mick McCulough "How can one believe"
04-17-22 Fr. Marcel Bouchard "He is Risen"
04-10-22 Fr. Marcel Bouchard "Compassion of Jesus"
04-03-22 Fr. Mick McCulough "Conversion"
03-27-22 Fr. Mick McCulough "The Prodigal Son"
03-20-22 Fr. Mick McCulough "Bear Fruit"
03-13-22 Fr. Mick McCulough
03-06-22 Fr. Gene Toland
"Enough is Enough"
02-27-22 Fr. Mick McCulough
"The Gospels Challenge Us to Change"
02-20-22 Fr. William McColough "Believers are Called to Change"
02-20-22 Fr. William McColough
A Msg. from Bishop dacuhna
02-13-22 Fr. William M. Rodrigues
"The Wisdom of the Lord"
02-06-22 Fr. William M. Rodrigues
"Come Follow Me, Don't be Afraid"
01-23-22 Fr. William M. Rodrigues "The Anointed One"
01-16-22 Fr. William M. Rodrigues "Opening Mass of the Synod"
01-09-22 Fr. William M. Rodrigues "Sacraments do Something"
01-02-22 Fr. William M. Rodrigues "Epiphany"